In order to be an effective teacher the most important thing to remember is that teachers among the most significant purpose is to assist STUDENTS LEARN TO HELP THEMSELVES. The three of the Numerous methods to accomplish this goal would be:
O Active Learning - Consume structured activities for students to perform. Work hard to build curiosity on the students’ parts. Ask questions and try to involve the student in receiving the answer rather than giving full response. This participation will build confidence in pupils, the most essential step in improving the composing process.
O Independence - A confident student will develop into an independent student. Assist the student develop ideas and discuss with them even though these may not be directly related to what the program is all about. Tutorial classes provide this opportunity where a teacher can efficiently interact with students at their individual level, try to build up their confidence and independence.
O Motivation - Tutorial classes provide the opportunity to identify the weakness and strength of both individual pupils and depending on the teacher can develop his own way to motivate the pupils separately. Additionally, it provides an opportunity for him to identify the weak and superior pupils and he can handle the weaker students to bring their confidence level by motivation.

Theoretical Subjects
O Faculty should ask questions related to the concepts dealt from the course in order to determine the degree of understanding of this basic idea. These concept can be clarified with the assistance of talking certain design issues and citing examples from rear world. mvc tutorial will help clear their doubts and also add to the depth of knowledge and its application.