Make sure that you’re insured by ensuring that the company that you use has insurance!
You might not have thought about it but its essential to ensure your window cleaning company has the appropriate public liability insurance. Before the law it matters not if you’ve hired a window cleaner to clean a high rise building or the windows of your unit. As a client it is still your responsibility to be certain a contractor chooses from the law to the best stretch possible.
It is clear that window cleaning has inherent dangers that follow outdoor work at height. These dangers include but are not limited to personal injury of the window cleaner. There is also possible liability to property (both your own or somebody else) and to harm of any individual related to the window cleaner moving about activity in the course of normal business.
It’s necessary that you have taken measures to provide a secure workplace for your window cleaner and part of the responsibility is to ensure the service suppliers firm has the proper cover of liability insurance.
The main reason why this is really important is that when the window cleaner had an accident whilst cleaning on your premises, you’ll be held liable for their security and welfare. The most common injuries in the window cleaning company are in the use of ladders. This may slide and fall causing injuries to the cleaners, who may not have the ability to operate any more. The worst case scenario is when the injury leads to death. These are definitely not great for your conscience to bear, but you might also be held accountable. These prices could be substantial and financially ruin you.
In Know About High Rise Window Cleaning Insurance , the window cleaners can lead to damage to your house. You also require coverage for this, which your own window cleaning company must supply. In business areas, these harms might be substantial because many of the materials used in buildings are of the luxury type. You will also have to contend with the hassle of broken doors or windows so it is a great relief to know that your own window cleaning company will cover the cost in replacement and repairs.
Imagine the aggravation it brings to discover your window cleaning business won’t cover the damages because it is not part of the contract nor do they have insurance. That is the reason why making very important inquiries and understanding every facet of the contract is quite essential before signing it with a window cleaning business. A skilled and respectable firm will offer coverage for such events.
Many companies prefer to employ the help of window cleaning businesses rather than employ full time cleaners since it is less risky in their part. Additionally, it saves them time that would be spent on orientation and training. Though employing cleaners yourself may be cheaper particularly if your building is among the tallest skyscraper in town, you might be spending more in the future in equipments, insurance and trainings.